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Automotive Service and Repair

Complete Automotive Services and Repairs

Get Quality Repairs for Your Vehicle

Don't wait until you are stuck on the side of the road to get quality parts and services your car needs. Find everything you have been looking for in automotive service from the ASE-certified technicians at Lake-Wood Auto Services.
  • Oil Changes
  • Tune-Ups
  • Transmissions / Clutches
  • Tire Rotation
  • Wheel Balancing / Alignment
  • Brake Work
  • Mufflers / Exhaust
  • Axles / Bearings / CV Joints and more
Auto Repair

Does Your Car Need Diagnostic Testing?

That little "check engine" light on your dashboard could mean big problems down the road. Get all the testing your vehicle needs to stay on the road, and save yourself the time and hassle of a roadside breaking or a tow from the office parking lot. 
  • VA safety and emissions tests
  • ABS diagnostics
  • "Check Engine" light diagnostic
  • Computerized testing
  • Cooling systems - tested and flushed and more
If your car needs repairs, our experts will give you exactly what you need. Call us today!
Don't wait for that annoying engine noise to turn into a major and costly repair! Call us today to get the expert services you need to stay on the road and stay safe in your car!
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